Take off your shoes!

Especially now in hot summertime we have perfect conditions for walking without shoes.
It has so many benefits, I’d like to list some of them:

• beautiful feet
people who walk barefoot a lot have well formed feet because shoes restrict our feet and without them all the muscles get activated, even the legs will be well formed.

• warm feet
while walking barefoot we activate our foot muscles much more intense than while wearing shoes, the underground works like a natural massage

• supporting the spine
if you have healthy feet, your spine will be healthy too
to have well trained feed supports an upright and healthy spine, therefore perceiving the underground is very important

• strengthening the immune system
through activating the muscles and different stimuli of temperature the immune system gets stronger,
it helps also preventing varicose veines, the calfes work like a blood pump towards the heart

• makes happy
being as close to nature as you can be creates a feeling of happiness,
everybody knows that walking in nature creates such a feeling, but doing it barefoot is even better!

Also Yoga is done barefoot because we want to activate all the muscles and strenghten the various joints of the feet. It feels great to walk with healthy feet!