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Verityoga – Activities
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  • It happens within you! It happens within you!

    It happens within you!

It happens within you!

It’s been quite a while since I wrote the last post.
A lot of changes happened, we moved from Mallorca to Germany to settle in Freiburg for a while.
But here I am in Mysore, India once again for one month!
This time it was not so easy to get accepted to study with Sharath, because so many people from all over the world try to get a spot, one has to be on time to apply and be patient waiting for an answer. I applied twice until I got accepted and you can imagine how happy I’ve been for that positive answer!
Grateful to be here and experience the Mysore Magic once again!
And it IS magical!
Having the opportunity to be close to my teacher and get just the attention I need, not more nore less. Just so that I trust in my own abilities but on the other hand giving me the space that I need so I have to put effort myself, working on removing the obstacles on my way.
Like Sharath said in one of his weekly conferences, where he’d talk about different topics that could be of interest and answering questions as well, he said:
You cannot change the world, you can only change yourself!
That’s where we have to put our focus, to work on ourselves. Before we get to judge others or to compare ourselves to others. No need to do that! Be the change that you want to see in the world!
And if we’re courages enough to do what we really want to do, there will be more challenges so that we can grow even more and get to know ourselves even better. But we don’t have to worry about the outcome because it […]

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  • Transition Transition



It is time for transition!
The stork is a symbol for renewal, creation and new birth.

As I’m in Mysore, India at the moment to study at KPJAYI with R. Sharath Jois for the fourth time, that means transition anyhow. India itself can be hardly described, I think one has to experience it by oneself to get a taste of it.
Studying Yoga here in the Shala inbetween people from all over the world is so inspiring as well as challenging.
I’m glad to have my teacher around for these two months as well, it’s quite overwhelming sometimes.

I felt before coming to India that it was time for a transition. Mallorca is a beautiful island, I love the sea, the mediterranean climate, the beach, the spanish language…..
But I felt also that it was not the right place for me to grow.
I’m so grateful for the time I had in Mallorca, being able to pass on my knowledge and teach, so grateful for every single student studying with me. You’ve been so inspiring!

But it is time to move on, Freiburg im Breisgau, that’s where you’ll find me from mid of March on.
There won’t be daily classes, I’ll update the schedule as soon as possible. For questions feel free to contact me anytime.

“The only thing that is constant is change”-Heraclitus

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  • Wintertime Wintertime



Since a few weeks we’re experiencing the colder and more quiet season here in Mallorca.
Also Verityoga has to announce some changes.
The Shala will be closed from the 29th of November on because of travelling.
December will be the time to visit family and friends in Austria and Germany.
And in the beginning of January it’s time to travel to Mysore, India again for two months to learn more and follow the Parampara, that means experiencing the basis of the lineage, stay with one lineage and tradition and get the knowledge passed down in it’s most valuable from, which is from teacher to student based on direct and practical experience.
I wish all my studenst and everybody else a nice wintertime, keep on practicing! “Practice, practice, practice and all is coming….” as Guruji used to say!
And don’t hesitate to write me if you have any questions or need an advice!
Love and Light!

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  • Barefoot Barefoot



Take off your shoes!

Especially now in hot summertime we have perfect conditions for walking without shoes.
It has so many benefits, I’d like to list some of them:

• beautiful feet
people who walk barefoot a lot have well formed feet because shoes restrict our feet and without them all the muscles get activated, even the legs will be well formed.

• warm feet
while walking barefoot we activate our foot muscles much more intense than while wearing shoes, the underground works like a natural massage

• supporting the spine
if you have healthy feet, your spine will be healthy too
to have well trained feed supports an upright and healthy spine, therefore perceiving the underground is very important

• strengthening the immune system
through activating the muscles and different stimuli of temperature the immune system gets stronger,
it helps also preventing varicose veines, the calfes work like a blood pump towards the heart

• makes happy
being as close to nature as you can be creates a feeling of happiness,
everybody knows that walking in nature creates such a feeling, but doing it barefoot is even better!

Also Yoga is done barefoot because we want to activate all the muscles and strenghten the various joints of the feet. It feels great to walk with healthy feet!

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  • Purvatanasana Purvatanasana



Let’s learn about benefits of Ashtanga Yoga and it’s Asanas. This posture is called Purvatanasana which is the second of the seated postures in the primary series. In BKS Iyengar’s book “Light on Yoga” it says Purva literally means the East. It means the front of the whole body from the forehead to the toes, and Uttana means an intense stretch.

The benefits regarding to BKS Iyengar are strengthening the wrists and ankles, it also improves the movement of the shoulder joints and expands the chest fully. It gives relief from the fatigue caused by doing other strenous forward bending asanas.

Regarding to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois it says in the Yoga Mala “Purvatanasana purifies and strengthens the heart, anus, spinal column and waist.” It recommends also to perform a backbending asana immediately after a forward bending asana, that’s why Purvotanasana is to be done after Paschimattanasana which is a deep forward bending posture.

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  • The three bodies The three bodies

    The three bodies

The three bodies

From 2nd to 6th of April I attended the workshop of Eddie Stern organized by Ashtanga Yoga Palma. Eddie Stern is a senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher from New York. So I was looking forward to meet him and absorb the knowledge he would pass down on us.
This workshop was mainly about philosophy talking about the three bodies we have.
There’s the physical body which is three-dimensional, Yamas, Niyamas and Asanas belong to this body. It’s the waking state and therefor shared reality.
The more subtle body is the two-dimensional one, the refinde one. Prana (life force), Manas (mind) and Vijñana are part of this body. It’s the dreaming state.
And the third one is the causal body which is the one-dimensional body and refers to the deep sleep state. The Upanishads (ancient Indian philosophical texts) tell that in deep sleep, when the mind and senses cease functioning, it still stands between the finite world and the self.
At one point Eddie was talking about good and bad experiences. He compared our mind to superglue for bad experiences and to teflon on the other hand for good experiences. Saying that we would recall bad experiences again and again so of course they would be stored in our longterm memory.
But we should try to recall good experiences over and over again and replay them for maybe 30 seconds so they would go into our longterm memory and hence into our operating system.
Because experience itself don’t matter so much, it’s our reaction that matters! And what changes is the way we look at things.

These five days have been really inspiring and practicing together with the other I think 60 participants was full of energy.
On the second to last day Eddie did […]

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  • Spring Blossoms Spring Blossoms

    Spring Blossoms

Spring Blossoms

It is mid of January when in Mallorca the almond trees start to bloom. The western part of the island is where there’s most almond trees planted, there you can find different kinds of almond trees, the sweet almond trees which bloom white and the bitter ones with pink flowers.
To make sure that you’ll get to see blooming almond trees you should come in February.
It is simply beautiful!