Experience Freediving + Yoga

What is freediving?
Freediving is the sport of diving using only one breath. This means you are diving without any scuba gear. Most of you have experienced something like this while snorkeling already.

“The scuba diver dives to look around, the freediver dives to look inside” – Umberto Pelizzari

Freediving stems from ancient traditions such as pearl and spongefishing. In recent years it has become more and more popular especially in competitively. Some of the free diving disciplines are:
Constant weight – with/without fins, same weight for descend & ascend with use of personal strength
 Variable weight – descending on a weighted sled but using your own power to return to the surface
Free immersion – pulling down & up on a dive line without fins, constant weight is allowed
No limits – the deepest dives are done by going down on a weighted sled & up on an air-filled balloon
Static – holding the breath as long as possible while floating in a swimming pool with the face down
Dynamic – swimming horizontally under water in a swimming pool with or without fins

But it’s not all about competitions. Learning to freedive can help you use less air while scuba diving, helps you stay steady for underwater photography, and most importantly, it makes you feel more connected to nature. And besides all of that, it is a lot of fun!

Why is it so beneficial to combine Freediving and Yoga?
If you want to increase your vital capacity, decrease your residual volume or be more relaxed during breath holds, Yoga will help you to bring Freediving to another level.


Yoga supports you in developing your full potential, it shows blockages and helps to eliminate them. In Yoga and Freediving as well as in everyday life tension, stress and negative thoughts distract us from our inner peace and stillness. That’s why it is vitally important to direct our thoughts to the present moment to cultivate Freediving.

The breath is the connection between mind and body. To train and control the breath helps to control also the mind and keep it relaxed in any situation.

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