It’s been quite a while since I wrote the last post.
A lot of changes happened, we moved from Mallorca to Germany to settle in Freiburg for a while.
But here I am in Mysore, India once again for one month!
This time it was not so easy to get accepted to study with Sharath, because so many people from all over the world try to get a spot, one has to be on time to apply and be patient waiting for an answer. I applied twice until I got accepted and you can imagine how happy I’ve been for that positive answer!
Grateful to be here and experience the Mysore Magic once again!
And it IS magical!
Having the opportunity to be close to my teacher and get just the attention I need, not more nore less. Just so that I trust in my own abilities but on the other hand giving me the space that I need so I have to put effort myself, working on removing the obstacles on my way.
Like Sharath said in one of his weekly conferences, where he’d talk about different topics that could be of interest and answering questions as well, he said:
You cannot change the world, you can only change yourself!
That’s where we have to put our focus, to work on ourselves. Before we get to judge others or to compare ourselves to others. No need to do that! Be the change that you want to see in the world!
And if we’re courages enough to do what we really want to do, there will be more challenges so that we can grow even more and get to know ourselves even better. But we don’t have to worry about the outcome because it will be good anyway and everything will fall into place.
That’s what Krishna teaches Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (the scripture of mankind) as well.
So listen to your heart and follow it!