Practicing in Mysore with Sharath R. Jois in the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute for the last two months has been really intense. What’s the Mysore practice like? In western countries the Mysore style classes are the ones where you just come, put your mat on the floor and start practicing the postures you’ve been given at your own pace. A teacher would be there to help if there’s help needed and to correct the postures. So each student has her/his individual practice and gets the support she/he needs.
That’s the way how Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally taught here in Mysore. But two times a week there is a LED class, which means guided classes. One has to know the sequence in these classes because Sharath would count and you have to follow it. The purpose for that is to break the automatism one gets after a while but also to correct our habits.