From 2nd to 6th of April I attended the workshop of Eddie Stern organized by Ashtanga Yoga Palma. Eddie Stern is a senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher from New York. So I was looking forward to meet him and absorb the knowledge he would pass down on us.
This workshop was mainly about philosophy talking about the three bodies we have.
There’s the physical body which is three-dimensional, Yamas, Niyamas and Asanas belong to this body. It’s the waking state and therefor shared reality.
The more subtle body is the two-dimensional one, the refinde one. Prana (life force), Manas (mind) and Vijñana are part of this body. It’s the dreaming state.
And the third one is the causal body which is the one-dimensional body and refers to the deep sleep state. The Upanishads (ancient Indian philosophical texts) tell that in deep sleep, when the mind and senses cease functioning, it still stands between the finite world and the self.
At one point Eddie was talking about good and bad experiences. He compared our mind to superglue for bad experiences and to teflon on the other hand for good experiences. Saying that we would recall bad experiences again and again so of course they would be stored in our longterm memory.
But we should try to recall good experiences over and over again and replay them for maybe 30 seconds so they would go into our longterm memory and hence into our operating system.
Because experience itself don’t matter so much, it’s our reaction that matters! And what changes is the way we look at things.

These five days have been really inspiring and practicing together with the other I think 60 participants was full of energy.
On the second to last day Eddie did a Puja (form of worship) for Ganesha (remover of obstacles) in Pepe’s Shala in Palma. It’s done for good luck and success when opening new places and he Ganesha stands also for wisdom and intelligence.