Since a few weeks we’re experiencing the colder and more quiet season here in Mallorca.
Also Verityoga has to announce some changes.
The Shala will be closed from the 29th of November on because of travelling.
December will be the time to visit family and friends in Austria and Germany.
And in the beginning of January it’s time to travel to Mysore, India again for two months to learn more and follow the Parampara, that means experiencing the basis of the lineage, stay with one lineage and tradition and get the knowledge passed down in it’s most valuable from, which is from teacher to student based on direct and practical experience.
I wish all my studenst and everybody else a nice wintertime, keep on practicing! “Practice, practice, practice and all is coming….” as Guruji used to say!
And don’t hesitate to write me if you have any questions or need an advice!
Love and Light!